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  1. Couple marry, then run endurance race
  2. Woman, 88, walks 10,000 miles in husband's memory
  3. For Yosemite bears, dinner arrives in a minivan
  4. Man ordering food called a zombie, punched twice
  5. Brewed Awakening: Man Busted for Drinking Coffee Naked in His Own House
  6. They awoke under car that smashed into home
  7. Man took pay from NJ company he never worked for
  8. Man who threw feces in CA courtroom gets 31 years
  9. Ga. woman scares off burglar by acting like a dog
  10. One-legged suspect caught with one stolen shoe
  11. California inmate requests death sentence to obtain better amenities
  12. Puck Naked: US team gets penalty time for playing 'strip hockey' at practice
  13. She-Male Sex Chat Number Printed on School Shirts
  14. US man sentenced for sending pornographic Christmas cards of ex-girlfriend
  15. Woman in sex-for-tickets scheme 'embarrassed,' hopeful of seeing Series game
  16. Maryland judge pleads guilty to letting air out of cleaning lady's tire, gets $500 fi
  17. Too fat to kill? Fla. man uses weight as a defense
  18. Iowa cops nab 'permanent marker' burglary suspects
  19. Police: Man claimed God told him to steal car
  20. Well here's your problem right here, sir..
  21. Man Allegedly Torches Van After Wild Test Drive
  22. Fla. man stole ferret by shoving it in pants
  23. McPrank: 4 Utah teens cited for McDonald's rap
  24. Bad drivers? Blame their genes
  25. Transvestites on trial for theft
  26. Man tries woman's clothes, flees in boxers
  27. Policeman points gun at Halloween 'zombie'
  28. NH restaurant sets meatball record
  29. Passenger bolts from Cyprus plane using ramp
  30. Officials find gator that escaped at show and tell
  31. Man rescues phone from dump by listening for ring
  32. Player smacks down bat during NBA game
  33. Man accused of driving lawnmower drunk
  34. Ohio woman hopes trick-or-treater may find ring
  35. Woman calls 911 to report herself as drunk driver
  36. Camera found in bathroom of Christian bookstore
  37. Man steals ambulance to get back to his car
  38. NBA star gets rabies shot after swatting bat
  39. Man Accidentally Pulls Eject Lever While Flying in Jet
  40. Illinois Man Gets 6 Months for Giving Judge the Finger
  41. Man made up knife attack to miss work
  42. Heavyset Fla. man allegedly robs same bank 4 times
  43. Scared of flying? Press the fear iButton
  44. Pa. mom, daughter admit stealing from girl, 9
  45. Judge: Mich. man can sue store he robbed
  46. S.C. man gets 3 years for sex with horse
  47. Breathalyzer-costumed man accused of DUI
  48. Man says image of Jesus appears on truck window
  49. Man appears alive at own funeral in Brazil
  50. Van stolen 35 years ago in Wash. state recovered
  51. SKorean woman passes driver's exam on 950th try
  52. Man fined for 911 call over missing McDonald's OJ
  53. Police Find Mail Carrier Passed Out Drunk In Truck
  54. Sex Toy Study at Duke University Raises Some Eyebrows
  55. Brazil student expelled after wearing mini-dress
  56. Wyoming hunter bags deer, then hungry lion
  57. Airplane part falls onto N.Y. home’s front lawn
  58. Florida graffiti artist spray-paints note, explaining why work is incomplete
  59. Authorities say man stole car to make court appearance on previous auto theft charge
  60. When confetti runs out during Yankee victory parade, workers toss files, documents
  61. Brazil college backs down on mini-dress expulsion
  62. Man who took champagne nabbed for 63rd time
  63. Minn. man allegedly assaults worker with backhoe
  64. Man provides photo for his own wanted poster
  65. Ore. police dog bites wrong man, intruder flees
  66. 4 Australian men face charges for nude frolicking at car wash
  67. Milwaukee muggers see Army ID, return wallet
  68. Wedding ring found in dump amid 10 tons of trash
  69. Woman drives into aquarium at Tampa airport
  70. Man Allegedly Pushes Girlfriend's Car Into River
  71. Man Allegedly Reports Fake Murder To Speed Police
  72. 1.5 lbs. of nails pulled from Peruvian's stomach
  73. Achoo! Girl, 12, is sneezing thousands of times a day for weeks
  74. Fla. man arrested for calling 911, asking for sex
  75. Man distracted by bird drives Bugatti into marsh
  76. Man Gets Stuck In Vent During Burglary
  77. Friday the 13th phobia? You have plenty of company
  78. Drilling for Scotch whiskey on frozen continent
  79. Overdue library books returned half century later
  80. Idaho boy kills bear that wouldn’t leave porch
  81. Rotting deer carcasses in Pa. yard raise stink
  82. 'Gold' rings stolen from Ohio shop just brass
  83. Turkey on NJ Turnpike causes havoc, evades capture
  84. Man Carrying $600 Pinched For Alleged Pencil Theft
  85. Unfriend is New Oxford American Dictionary's 2009 word of the year
  86. FBI seeks 'Geezer Bandit' in Calif. bank robberies
  87. Udder shock: SC woman finds 650-pound cow in pool
  88. Video shows patient cop with affectionate cat
  89. Would-be Seattle ninja impaled on fence
  90. Turkey that played chicken on NJ Turnpike caught
  91. Mail carrier found drunk, eating noodles
  92. Women run in style in Paris stiletto race
  93. Man cleared of wife's death during nightmare
  94. Dad leaves boy and goes into strip club
  95. Kangaroo slashes man in dog-rescue attempt
  96. Man accused of ramming car into hot dog stand
  97. Mass. woman sees image of Jesus on her iron
  98. Man apparently tried to haul away ATM in Colorado
  99. LA stylist learns modern meaning of 'pay phone'
  100. Pig farts spark Australia gas scare
  101. Ohio man's private football party crashed by deer
  102. Woman, 77, says she was pressured into buying car
  103. Woman calls in bomb threat to help boss make flight
  104. Man Uses Hammer To Destroy TVs At Target Store
  105. Cowboy motorist helps Mass. troopers lasso 2 cows
  106. Man lies about robbery over fear of wife
  107. Jesus Christ dumped from jury pool for disruption
  108. Held up for hold-up? Thief too late to rob bank
  109. Woman torched man's porch after breakup
  110. Space alien search costs AZ school worker his job
  111. Stolen remains of Austrian billionaire returned
  112. Pot in a pot: Donated jug holds marijuana
  113. Would-be thief sends merciful NY store owner $50
  114. Fla. teen allegedly attacks dad for loud snoring
  115. 'Elf' jailed over dynamite hoax on Ga. mall Santa
  116. Britain pulls the plug on its UFO hotline
  117. Tenn. man arrested for allegedly drunk-dialing 911
  118. Tenn. man says cows licked $100 in damage to house
  119. Neighbors say house still reeks even after cleanup
  120. Amish Man Charged With Driving Buggy While Drunk
  121. Christmas Story: Boise boy licks pole, gets stuck
  122. Man dresses up as mom to withdraw cash
  123. Half-naked Santas run for charity in Hungary
  124. Utah Dog Missing For 3 Weeks Found In Storm Drain
  125. New York Man Rescued After Being Stuck in Cesspool for 4 Hours
  126. Florida Woman Accused of Attacking Boyfriend With Raw Meat
  127. Exploding Chewing Gum Blows Off College Student's Jaw
  128. Man gets year in jail for urinating on officer
  129. Man Reports Stolen Ecstasy Pill Collection to Police
  130. Man allegedly assaults wife over snow shoveling
  131. Woman pours hot grits on sleeping man
  132. Stolen 18-foot totem pole found 200 miles away
  133. Kitten apparently rides 120 miles in wheel well
  134. Authorities say angry driver crashed into DMV
  135. Winning bid is $1,125 for motorized bar stool that got US man arrested for DUI
  136. Texas police arrest intruder suspect as he bathed
  137. Man accused of rifle attack after drunk ride
  138. Mass. suspect mutilated fingers to hide ID
  139. Man shoots suspected prowler with arrow
  140. Book 99 years overdue returned to Mass. library
  141. Teen runs up dad's cell bill to nearly $22,000
  142. Pair accused of faking death from bad oysters
  143. 'Santa' stumbles out of vehicle, seeks reindeer
  144. Flashing teen girl found guilty after being hit by car
  145. Mom sniffs out son's alleged stink-bomb plot
  146. Ariz. teacher on leave for taking choir to Hooters
  147. Boy, 4, Caught Downing Beer, Wearing Dress
  148. Wis. teen will need legal permission to date girls
  149. Attorney sued after biting off part of man's nose
  150. Kansas dad somehow lifts car off 6-year-old girl
  151. Woman convicted of killing man who taunted her over N.Y. Yankees decal
  152. Michigan Man Walks Into Diner With 5-Inch Knife in Chest, Orders Coffee
  153. Group: Remains of more than 500 animals found at Philadelphia home
  154. Ore. man accused of snipping bus passenger's hair
  155. Dating site expels 'fatties'
  156. Fla. man calls detectives after pot plants seized
  157. Skull linked to secret Yale society to be sold
  158. Hundreds strip in NYC for no-pants subway ride
  159. Alleged burglar showers, cuts hair, fries chicken
  160. Woman accused of biting off part of sister's nose
  161. Man accused of spraying protesters with fox urine
  162. Nevermore? No mystery visitor on Poe birthday
  163. Man shoots his way out of sinking SUV
  164. Utah man asks to 'plead up' for more prison time
  165. Angry man kidnaps snowball-tossing teen
  166. Man tells cops he paid for sex, but didn't get it
  167. PetSmart fires man who brought dog to work
  168. Ohio Man Arrested for Urinating on $600-Worth of Steaks
  169. Alleged car thief found playing 'Grand Theft Auto'
  170. Priest accused of shoplifting butter, sofa cover
  171. Cold sheets? Hire a human ‘bed-warmer’
  172. Suspect ‘coughs up’ during police questioning
  173. Wis. woman pleads no contest in rat in meal scheme
  174. Ohio Woman Celebrates Lottery Win, Then Killed by Car
  175. Colo. dad ordered kids to bite officers
  176. Undersheriff finds $1 million during traffic stop
  177. Truck driver chokes on chili and crashes into home
  178. Chicken plays chicken with drivers on busy street
  179. Pastor accused of pulling gun on son at church
  180. Without groundhogs, Alaska to celebrate Marmot Day
  181. Dog Shoots Hunter
  182. New Zealand Student Auctions Virginity Online to Pay for College
  183. Man Stuffed 75 Bottles Of Lotion In Pants
  184. Irate NY man uses backhoe to crush 30 cars
  185. Woman says her love handles saved her life
  186. Snow in every U.S. state except Hawaii By Seth Borenstein, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
  187. Woman charged in breast milk assault on jailer
  188. Drunk man calls police to help him out of bar
  189. Woman Develops Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder After Wii Fit Injury
  190. 7,500 Online Shoppers Unknowingly Sold Their Souls
  191. Man kills wife over hockey row: police
  192. Cell Number Suspended After Three Owners Met Grisly Deaths
  193. 4-Time Texas Lottery Winner Rich with Money, Mystery
  194. National Hot Dog Day----July 17
  195. 75-year-old mystery: 2 fetuses found in California
  196. Tailgating anyone???
  197. A National Disgrace....
  198. Are you the 'rightful' winner of $12.5M jackpot?
  199. Egg tossed in court gets Ill. man 90 days in jail!
  200. 20 Bizarre Sex Laws
  201. Home Depot Scam
  202. “All Hallows Eve”Origin.
  203. 10-year-old gives birth in southern Spain
  204. Baby Dolphin Saved
  205. Embattled Ohio Father Reunited with Son Illegally Taken in Adoption Battle
  206. Plane Auction
  207. man arrested after marriage proposal
  208. Segway owner dies after falling off river cliff
  209. Iraq soldier and HP printer
  210. Only in America
  211. 'Christmas Village' sign removed
  212. Drunken man arrested at class reunion
  213. Amazing
  214. Woman sees Virgin Mary in candle wax
  215. Leafs spectator arrested after waffle toss
  216. 'Robin Hood' offers reward in casino case
  217. usps-makes-a-half-billion-dollar-profit-
  218. Medal of Honor Winner Captain Ed Freeman
  219. Man Survives 9 Story Fall
  220. two stories twist at end
  221. Alcohol poisoning, not avian flu, killed Romanian birds
  222. Ever see a cross eyed Opposum..... down by the bay. lol
  223. Cops: Drunken Cowboys Arrested on Horse and Mule
  224. Blue Monday: Today is the most depressing of the year
  225. 2 former police officers cleared in taped beating
  226. Lottery winner may have to split it with estranged husband
  227. Funeral homes find new life by hosting other events
  228. White deer
  229. That's not what we mean by 'police escort'
  230. Ashes to asses, dust to dolts
  231. Enjoy 'New Forms of Life' --- from HOLLAND..
  232. Video captures police chase into cow pasture
  233. Lazy mailman played hookie, then burned or dumped letters
  234. Vegas tourist sues after 'tragic' lap dance encounter
  235. Phone keeps ringing in crocodile's tummy
  236. The 6 Strangest Ways Anyone Was Ever Mistaken for a God Prt1
  237. The 6 Strangest Ways Anyone Was Ever Mistaken for a God Prt. 2
  238. Alleged drunk driver rams into two cruisers
  239. Unusual dates
  240. Bar owner to roast bear for packers-bears game
  241. Miami sound machine! Mystery as 650lbs grand piano 'appears' on Florida sandbar
  242. 'Godzilla-like creature' nabbed in Calif. town
  243. The train that never stops at a station
  244. Russia Demands Child Support of Tennessee Woman
  245. Children’s Photos Place Them in CA Foster Care
  246. Gorilla walks like a man
  247. Minn. woman wins lottery 1 month after her death
  248. Hey, is that a cell phone tower in your yard?
  249. Church holds Sunday service in a bar
  250. Pot-smoking church members vow to carry on