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    Been having this problem for couple months. Can't get water from my fridge. Before I change the filter, it was giving this problem, everytime I placed the cup to collect water, I will hear the pressure down below the fridge, but no water comes out. Now, I change the old filter because it was faulty (light indicates time to change) and replace it with a new one still the same problem. No kink line, pressure seems to be good.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    metalmaker Guest


    You hear pressure, does that mean you hear water running? I hope it's not running somewhere else. I wish I could help, but just don't want to see some other part of your home getting flooded.

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    ralstad Guest


    sounds like the water inlet valve is the problem to me here is a link to help troubleshoot the inlet valve. Hope this doesnt break any forum rules. Toward the bottom is a video showing how to test inlet valves.

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    I'm going to agree it sounds like the inlet valve.. It's basically a solenoid that opens and closes to allow the water to pass. If it stops functioning it'll remain closed and not let the water through.

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    If you "Hear" water running when you press the switch then it could be going into the bottom drain pan, it has to go somewhere if you hear it running.

    Question is do you also get ice, is the tray filling (if you have an ice maker) with water.

    look at the bottom of the fridge, there should be a grill, this will pop out if you pull on it (some need to be unscrewed) while looking under the fridge have someone press and hold the water switch, look to see if it is running into this drain pan, if it is then the hose to the water valve on the front door is broken or somehow disconnected.

    If you hear water running but don't see it running or dripping down into the drain pan under the fridge, (or on the floor)then it is filling up between the walls of the fridge and you will need an expert to fix it.

    Mice have been known to gnaw into these hoses to get water.
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    I had the problem with my fridge. I nstalled a self peircing valve into the water supply line. Found out there was not enough water pressure even thogh the valve was working. Had to replace with a proper soldered valve. Not the self peircing type. Works properly now due to the slight pressure increase. Fridges are sensative to lack of proper water pressure coMing in. Hope it helps.

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    Your problem is not so severe. I think this is normal if you are hearing the pressure of water filter. It means that water is running in the defrost coil of fridge. No thing to worry about if cooling is as usual.

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