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Thread: Jynxbox Ultra Giveaway

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    4me2c Guest


    I have not seen one yet in Me area,
    (1)but would like an extra fan in the STB to push the hot air out as I have noticed other STB's don't have this feature.
    (2)Would like to see a OTA capable STB also.
    (3)Would like a picture better than the one in 4me's avatar...!
    Thanks for this opportunity and Contest, Never Win, but Love to Enter...!

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    SoS Guest


    I think with the second tuner we should be able to have picture in picture
    With wireless n card browse the Internet
    Long lasting support!

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    djwyze Guest


    jynxbox is heading to the top of line. i would like to see wifi built in and functional out of the box. wireless internet is a basic essential function as well as upnp for nas drives. keep doing the good work and ill get one of the jynx android boxes as well.

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    isat Guest


    Here are my other suggestion that I would like to see in the future Jynxbox's firmware release:
    1) If possible, please implement YouTube streaming through new firmware. By doing this people will enjoy YouTube videos on the TV even if IKS goes down forever. This will make Jynxbox compare to Smart TV, just having the Jynxbox receiver connecting to any old TV.
    2) Add website streaming function. For example: Instead of watching live streaming from PC. Add this function, so people can just enter the streaming website and it will start streaming from the Jynxbox receiver.
    3) Connect Jynxbox receiver's menu settings through web browser like router. So people can check their actual settings and setup a new settings without using the remote. Or update new firmwares or files directly from the PC (via internet, do not use USB key or serial cable).

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    TSYA Guest


    Not so much a firmware upgrade but a hardware upgrade. There have been many HD units introduced the suffered overheating issues - since the Jynxbox is one that allows for module upgrades hardware wise - why not implement fan modules. Depending on how much tolerance you have for fan noise, you can add 1, 2 or 3 fans without the need to butcher the box like all the other HD STB's. Other than that, another nice implementation is for it to get you beer.

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    Conetech Guest


    I think the Jynxbox should be able to be designated unit 1 or unit 2 etc. in case you have two of these units in a cabinet.
    I too want a category selection so you can sort by movie, sports, series etc.
    I would like the category screen be able to look ahead time wise, in the schedule as well.

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    sameold Guest


    built-in wireless
    one button auto set-up(search for switches and automatic scan to all available sats)
    uhf remote control(when dual-tuner available) to change channels from second room

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    xayoz Guest


    I would like to see Netflix access. It could be done either by an app or some kind of vpn/home streaming thing. Either way, it would be a great thing to have I think.

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    Crazy Carl Guest


    Not an owner of the box yet but have done my fair share of research on it, it is a powerful box with a lot of promise, the bins released so far have been revised well and have provided many new testers with what the fta game is all about and that is testing. Things that I have picked up on that I would and I'm sure others would like to see is:

    1. The lift on the pvr restriction, I find this a rather oddand have never seen it in a unit before being able to copy the files over to your computer and be able able to watch them or copy or burn them is what current pvr s can do seeing this would be a large benefit.

    2. Proper channel scans and although many of these issues are user related there is responsibility on the coders as well, many people have issues with failed tp's or improper name issues. For that matter a simple rename channel would be suffice.

    3. The availability of the dual turner and the OTA module as well as the wireless add on option, far to many times have manufactures dogged out of the modules and stateing they will eventually come but never do, as a newer company in NA coming with these promised add ons, I hope that they do indeed surface and that the proper code is written for there activity.

    I'm not one into much of the other stuff mentioned as far as apps or streaming from various sites because I believe this to already be available to the general market ans that will be available via your android box soon to be released. Hope this helps fella's take care and happy testing

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    Cimmel1 Guest


    Currently using a DLHd but I like the features that jynxbox has to offer. I would like to see Netflix capability, The ability to stream live feeds off of websites and also to be able to network with my pc to stream music and video. The jynxbox already has more features than my current box but these additional ones would definitely make the upgrade worthwhile for me and eliminate the need for an external media center. Keep up the good work guys, can't wait to see what this box is truly capable of.

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    dslchome Guest


    I do not have this box, however have seen it in action I would like to see it able to put 4 ports in the P$ area, Seems like people get confused and feel they must have 5 digits and then they must put a ZERO in the front of the port in order for it to work. I know its no big deal however lots of even the most experienced users get confused.

    Also update via Etherent would be cool, to be able to update bins via the ethernet port like the Neosats did back in the day. However that is a stretch.

    Or to be able to click update and have the weather for your area shown, sorta like the Nfsuion unit had. Yes I know its not a big deal but some people did like it.

    Well that is 3.

    However this box is loaded from what I saw....

    Great job so far.

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    Sat-Warrior Guest


    I don't have the box but here are some of the features that I would like to see in a box:

    1) 7.1 Audio Support;
    2) Media Streaming Support. I have a couple of media players and there is no reason that an FTA box couldn't work as a media player;
    3) OTA. I would never buy a box that doesn't have OTA to get me through the times that my p$ is down;
    4) True PVR Controls. With my cable box I when I'm setting a program to record I can do a one off recording, weekly recording or series recording. I have the option to start the recording "On Time" or from 1 - 15 minutes early. I can also finish it "On Time" or from 1-15 minutes late. I also have a "sports event" feature that will allow recording for a half hour extra beyond the scheduled time in case the event runs into over time. And true scan/rewind features;
    5) Dual/Triple Tuner to allow me to record multiple channels at the same time, not just on the same TP, but from any TP;
    6) NTFS Drive support so I don't have one recording broken into multiple pieces.. This is particularly annoying for HD OTA recordings
    7) Ability to put in P$ info so you don't need an external program like NOI. Noi is great, but I'd like to be able to turn off the computer once in a while;
    8) HDMI 1.4 compatible.

    That's about it for now.

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    jalenrose Guest


    would like the scanning issue fixed.
    if i can't get the numbers on all tps and in order, then i can't enjoy the box.
    also PVR functions needed fixed, u should be able to schedule from EPG and the recording should stop within the scheduled time, no continue on and on like the nanosat.

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    millennium23 Guest


    Would like to see auto tp means no scanning so updates on channels will be there.
    Since its dual tuner AtSC option its great for locals hd channel.
    support for all video and audio programming like acc audio ac3 etc ...

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    xayoz Guest


    I would like to see a function built in something like "slingbox". That way it would be possible to log into the box and watch programming while away from home on a smartphone like iphone and android. It would also be good to be able to set pvr remotely. And of course, to be able to access networked materials from the receiver (watch an avi from pc on the receiver over the home network).

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