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Thread: converting for nfps

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Message: cheers


    STB had to be woke up.
    and a (((NULL))) cable used.
    the end.

    not the best deal...gets invalid receiver errors sometimes when going to menu and back ect..
    had to use another program to kick start the serial port.
    serial cable will not communicate.....
    but they will work with xx-client like i had been told.
    ok back to the closet with it!


    # from the receiver. I.E., getting a "ERROR: Invalid receiver data" message.
    # Default Setting: 250

    the above change fixed the data error and pulling back xx's from 12 to 8 stopped the freezing.
    it actually works very well with a tune up but it's still going back in the
    thanks again homer for your info..was good on my end except for the cable type and having to give the box a kick in the rear.
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