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Thread: Web Design Tips Tricks & Fixes

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    Default Web Design Tips Tricks & Fixes

    ENGLISH | PDF | 228 PAGES | 159.59 MB

    INFO :

    Unlocking the potential of web design

    50 essential web design tips & tricks
    - Discover handy techniques across a range of languages and tools

    - Plug-ins, frameworks and code to add functionality to your site

    - Master the effects that will make your website stand out from the crowd

    - Step-by-step tutorials to help you optimise and improve your website

    Also inside...

    - Master CSS Effects
    - Create angular designs with CSS3 rotation
    - Write your first jQuery tooltip plugin
    - An in-depth introduction to JSON
    - 20 PHP Top Tips
    - Add a Facebook news feed to your site
    - Develop a newsletter script in PHP
    - Create an app using Mojito framework
    - Create great masonry layouts
    - Customise WordPress with widgets
    - Open an eShop using WordPress
    - Create a WordPress shortcode plug-in
    - Get to grips with WordPress taxonomies
    - Build headers with colourful animated text
    - Graphical blog themes in Photoshop
    - Design HTML5-themed badges
    - How to make a one-page website work
    - Design and build a flash portfolio part 1
    - Design and build a flash portfolio part 2

    - Animate content dynamically
    - Add modern navigation effects using CSS3
    - Create impact with CSS3 hover effects
    - Make kinetic animations with CSS3
    - Build a 3D image gallery with CSS3
    - Cater for older browsers with CSS3 PIE
    - Create progressive headers with HTML5
    - Design an interactive HTML5 footer
    - Animated infographics with CSS & jQuery
    - Build a Cover Flow with jQuery & CSS3
    - Create an eCommerce carousel
    - Create parallax-scrolling backgrounds
    - Create interactive animations from Twitter
    - Produce eye-catching box blur effects
    - Side-scrolling templates with jQuery
    - Design and build an image slider header
    - Make a 360-degree viewer without Flash
    - Produce a drag-and-drop image gallery
    - Supercharge your CSS with SASS

    - Optimise your site
    - Improve your entry pages with ribbons
    - Design simpler layouts with CSS3 FlexBox
    - Create easy animations with Adobe Edge
    - Make a WordPress theme adapt
    - Get rid of the sidebar in WordPress
    - Make your eCommerce themes attractive
    - Improve your mobile design
    - Easily publish to mobile devices
    - Make simple native mobile apps

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