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Thread: Genius photoshop image editing /tutorials for cs6

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    Default Genius photoshop image editing /tutorials for cs6

    ENGLISH | PDF | 212 PAGES| 122.57 MB

    INFO :

    The expert techniques needed to instantly improve your images

    Editing and enhancement
    - Learn the essentials and discover the standard industry practices

    Restoration and effects
    - Rescue old and time-worn photos, and discover how to recreate modern styles

    Retouching and creative editing
    - Banish blemishes and smooth out skin perfectly, then turn your image into art

    - Get to grips with the crucial tools in your Photoshop kit bag

    Also inside...

    - Enhance your photos [feature]

    Photo Editing
    - 20 Essential photo-editing techniques [feature]
    - Make an HDR image
    - Fix exposure with traditional methods
    - Create expert composites
    - Rescue shots with Brightness/Contrast
    - Replicate commercial lighting effects
    - Control lens distortion in CS6

    Restore Photos
    - Repair your old photos [feature]
    - Remove creases
    - Restore lost detail
    - Increase tonal range
    - Correct exposure
    - Colour in old photos
    - Fix faded tone and colour
    - Revitalise damaged photos

    Photo Effects
    - Professional retro photo effects [feature]
    - Imitate a vintage effect
    - Get the lomo look
    - Recreate salted paper prints
    - Work with grainy desaturations
    - Draganise a portrait
    - Create light effects
    - Intensify skies

    - Professional retouching tricks [feature]
    - Photoshoot to Photoshoop
    - Retouch images with Spot Healing
    - Use Content-Aware retouching in CS6
    - Work with Content-Aware
    - Reshape facial features
    - Target colours with Curves
    - Retouch architectural images
    - Remove distortion

    Creative Editing
    - 20 Compositing secrets [feature]
    - Create a surreal composite
    - Make a digital matte painting
    - Convert to sepia
    - Produce a 3D anaglyph
    - Paint with light
    - Fake a ghost scene

    - 50 Photoshop tricks you need to know [feature]
    - Control Curves
    - Adjust the Levels
    - Clean with Clone Stamp
    - Save time with Actions
    - Transform hues with Color Match
    - Crop for frames

    Free with this issue...
    - 100 creative Photoshop brushes
    - 3 high quality typefaces
    - 6 step-by-step video guides
    - Resource packs for the tutorials


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    I wish I could do that kind of stuff
    I am technically challenged lol
    I did master my nexus 4 though sooooooo
    Maybe I should give it a try !!

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