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    Default Yahoo Fantasy League

    With Admin/Mods approval, I'd like to start a 12 person fantasy league that would be administrated by Yahoo. Since baseball season starts in 7 days this is pushing the limits but I need a minimum or 4 players to organize the league.

    If approved I will post a link to the league page for your reading before deciding to join. It is a free league but in order to be competitive you will need to check your standings daily. Yahoo will pick you team based on the top 25 players, evenly divided, me hopes, and you will need to round out the rest of your team based on your knowledge. Scoring is based on 12 categories, 6 offense/6 pitching so choosing your players after the initial Yahoo selection is critical.

    Needless to say now (yes even though I did), lack of response led me to cancel our league entry. Maybe next year.
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