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Thread: Am i getting old and moany or is this stupidity?

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    Default Am i getting old and moany or is this stupidity?

    Seriouly this guy must be old enough to know best yeah we were all lads once but never ever done this.Guss im just getting older and more moany lol.Anyways here it is :

    Here's a Welsh guy named Will Williams drinking a 700ml bottle of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey in 13 seconds, about the amount of time it takes me to drink a single shot of bourbon. And, for your information, this guy did not immediately bend over in alcohol poisoning-induced spasms immediately after the video ended. He apparently pressed on drinking until 3 am that night. I haven't decided whether that makes me impressed or depressed.

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    I suspect a little trickery here........possibly rebottled.

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