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Thread: Balkan for USA

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    Default Balkan for USA

    Balkan channels for USA

    I have Bulgarian, Serbian, and Macedonian links on IPTV and are currently UP. Some channels include Planeta, Fen Tv, BG folk, MRT, SITEL, BTV HD, most Pink Channels and more!

    On satellite, Macedonia MRT 1 + 2(albanian) and RTS sat, and radio channels are up on Galaxy 19 97W but they are MPEG-4 make sure your box is mpeg 4.

    I am currently seeking a good source for BN sat, BN music, DM Sat, any Greek channels, and HRT or Croatia channels.

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    More info on this, you will also need at least a 1 meter dish (or larger) and a linear LNB to receive these channels on 97W.

    And here is a transponder/channel list for 97W, see if the channels your looking for are there.

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