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Thread: Sprint Unlimited 100Bux

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    Default Sprint Unlimited 100Bux

    The rules

    Pick the winner

    In case of a tie the Buxs will be decided by who finishes second . in case of another tie who picks who leads the most laps. if for some reason two or more tie after all this Buxs will be given to all that tie.

    So tell me
    Who will win?
    Who will be second?
    Who will lead the most laps?

    one hour before start of race.

    Have fun and good luck to all that play.

    You might want to wait to see how qualifying goes before you bet, but that's up to you.

    You can find the Entry list here

    P.S I'm really sick so I might need help with getting who wins the BUX
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    The answer is 42

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