I want you to go outside.

Stop whining and drowning in self-pity in bed and shut off your device.

Go outside and look at the stars. Millions upon millions of them in the sky, many of them from millions of kilometres away, some of them dead and some of them alive. The universe is a large, unfathomable place. The galaxy in which you live in is just one of many galaxies, from thousands of others.

We do not know if other planets harbour life, but life exists here, you are a piece of meat on a spinning rock in the middle of empty space, surrounded by the stuffed emptiness of space. The universe IS indifferent to what you do, the world does not give a **** about you. That is a harsh truth.

People always have ulterior selfish motives, setting aside your family and your real friends.

The universe does not give a damn, if you are alive, dead or sad. it does not care about your well-being, it is indifferent.

But your existence went through extreme odds, here you are. Here you are for the next few decades, in this floating rock, shared by others with the same fate as you.

Your final destination is death, from earth you came, to it you shall return. This is the harsh reality.
YOU exist now. YOU exist in this empty hollow universe that is enormously BIG. YOU do NOT have a purpose.

What are you afraid of then? Why are you afraid to pursue your goals? Why the hell do you whine and drown in self-pity?

We forget that our existence is fickle and very unpredictable. Choose to live your life the way you want it.

Do not be afraid, you are a piece of meat with a ghost inside.

You are invincible, the opinions of others do not matter, nothing really matters in the end.

If you want happiness, pursue it.

Find your purpose, live the life you want to.

You are here, you won't be again, that is the beauty of all this meaninglessness.

Do something about it.