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Thread: Connecting Dreamlink to cellphone internet, (how)

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    Default Connecting Dreamlink to cellphone internet, (how)

    What is the simplest way to connect a Dreamlink HD to your cellphone internet. Is there a special cable available to link the 2 together or is that even an option to a cell phone. I'm trying to get a picture how to do this for next season for in the camper. I was hoping to connect my Dreamlink HD. But/or is there a FTA receiver that can connect to the wireless hot-spot. If anyone has experience as to what they did to connect there FTA receiver to there cell phone internet. I'm open to ideals as I haven't purchased a cellphone YET that will help to accomplish this task so really open to ideals.

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    I seem to recall a thread about that issue for some box or another not that long ago, but can't seem to find it in a little search in the big two box sections (DL and JX). Might be that you use a wifi link to phone or maybe a wifi hotspot that uses phone's internet. Not a lot of bandwidth is required, but you might go through lots of minutes.

    This might help you figure it out:
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