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Thread: How to build & destroy a illegal exploit .......

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    Default How to build & destroy a illegal exploit .......

    this one is going to really long ... so i need to leave it open for editing .....

    holding for selected example .......

    It's NOT going to be this exploit .... i see whats going on everywhere i watch & learn ...... i see people stealing from large money hungry people ... the CEO's ...... its ok i'll we all face the man in the end ... i just lock them up .....

    FDA is dirty ..... Everyone requires proof .... as u wish ;x

    Actors , Congress men/women ..... i know so much ch!t on anyone i really want .... but i am doing one last major impact ... these people involved with the child abuse / sexual weird ch!t / making humans sex slaves & slaves period .... Those to are all really involved is going to make you sick ... you already know these people they make sure they're on TV all the time .....

    It's already finished in my head , i just need to write it & tell you .... im not sure if anyone's really ready for this one .... the vast amount of drop phones filled with photos films is how they got caught ..... i must send them all to hell ... i am sure my brother the devil will enjoy them ;D

    i'll post after the 31st of next month ... ;(

    its a long 1 ......
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