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Thread: Wifi ???

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    Default Wifi ???

    me crazy in mississippi no big deal. i'm up in the mountains day time great night an cold sucks ok the router is at mom's i have 2 internet server's satilite viasat an centurylink ok so am using an wifiEXT my ? is down there never had a problem like this wifiEXT is up to date now the viasat is a little lag centurylink faster but don't do well as far as sending a single over this way viasat does untill cold an night crazy right THANKs

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    The WIFI signal is being attenuated by a temperature inversion layer due to the cold at night, what type(s) of antennas are you using???

    The inversion layer will cause the 2.5 GHz signal from the viasat to bounce, this bounced signal is 180 degrees out of phase from the main signal, this will cause a signal drop out or fade when the weather/temperature is right, this is common with TV signals, they tend to drop out at night when the weather's right

    This is hard to fix, but if I read your post right, your sending WIFI from your Moms house to your location, am I correct?? If so then you could try a bigger antenna at your end, or try raising the antenna at your end higher.
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