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Thread: JB 200 Module Failure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willucome2014 View Post
    As one of the I switched to iptv so far less glitching, let's not forget the heavy load on your internet connection, and if there isn't a heavy load (Netflix says 3.5 gb per hour HD, 7- 8 gb per hour of video watched 4k).

    With amatuer "iptv " you're getting a cheap quality box to watch a signal that objectively is at best DVD quality and at worst unwatchable. Even if the osd and box seller or even the player's say HD or 4k. They cannot change the streams I monitored and thier sd quality size.

    They can't hide the fact that those true HD qualities require a certain amount of bandwidth. Unless you apply "magical thinking " and wish to believe that some guy in his basement with amateur equipment, can do a better job at encoding hd and 4k at 1/4 the bandwidth than Netflix and Amazon Prime tv, even hulu. Who are always looking to reduce bandwidth costs, while maintaining the proper quality for HD and 4k.

    Clearly if that was possible that person would be a overnight billionaire, and not making cheapo internet streams

    Satellite via Jynxbox:

    This takes little to no load on your internet, as most of us know and the picture is what it says it is. And not being sent via the internet there is zero concern of receiving a "notice"

    I know this because I do have a "iptv" box just to test. I put on a proper same channel on both boxes , switched via hdmi switcher one to the other , the quality on satellite hd was well 1080 HD. On the other it was watchable looked almost as good as we, but only sometimes, and face smudgieness and occasional blackouts were a factor. I could live with it but only if I "had" to which we do not . Neither should we.

    What's my point? The Latin forums have figured out how to permanently fix the jb200 tuners, they've hardware modded 2 tiny pcb on the back of jb200 to send more current down the line, less stress on the caps that fry out, and better switching. It's a hardware mod . I posted pics on this site.

    Instead of buying new jb200 and worrying about supply just to get perfect satellite quality and dolby digital sound.

    Why don't we (whoever understands espaneol, I don't ) all work together and resolve this once and for all?
    There has to be enough fta people that want true satellite hd direct from the source not retransmitted for the 3rd time. Yes?

    Then next issue is to get dual tuner and recording on USB working properly . Currently it glitches in recording onto thumb drives . Have not tried USB hard drive. But to record properly we need the dual tuner firmware working.

    Has anyone tried the official clone killer firmware? It was supposed to enable dual tuner and cool down the box , make it run cooler.
    that makes no sense
    why would you need fta re transmitted?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dishuser View Post
    that makes no sense
    why would you need fta re transmitted?
    I don't think most users understand the concept:the sat signal comes directly to you.The control words and emm's (entitlement management message) come from your iks provider.Thats one of the reasons your internet bandwidth usage is small with iks.

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