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Thread: Stb Emu - Android 8.1 Tv Box - Voice remote

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    Default Stb Emu - Android 8.1 Tv Box - Voice remote

    Hi All,
    Some of the new Android 8.1 TV boxes are using the new voice remote and for some reason Stbemu is not working properly on it. The volume doesn't seem to work and the picture is choppy.
    I have tried many different versions on the software and all the media players, even tried to use a keyboard remote but nothing seems to work.
    Has anyone ran into this issue yet?

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    The volume and on/off are set when new out of the box, you can go into settings and equipment then tv / change tv and pick the correct tv and follow on screen. The stb pro you need the moded version here.
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    Talking about volume..... On the MiBox3 (AndroidTV box) there is a quirk with the volume (which is not present on generic Android boxes - at least none of the ones I have). When you are in STBEmu, and try to change the volume, it does not change the STBEmu app volume, it actually changes the System volume.

    So essentially, you have 2 volume controls (for the box - and then the 3rd for the TV). One is the main system volume volume, and one is the STB app volume. Also, a quirk is that every time you change channels in STB Emu, the System volume, cnages to the level you have the STBApp volume set to. This was a mystery for a while, on why my volume would change at every channel change, and then saw it in another forum, in regards to an androidTV box reactiving this way..

    The annoyance was more in the evenings when I had the volume really low, and every time I'd change channel, I'd have to either lower the TV volume, or hurry to lower the volume before I wake anyone up So what I had to do was plug in a USB keyboard that had some shortcut buttons (email, media, etc..), and then program 2 of those buttons in STBEmu to be the BTN_VOLUP and BTN_VOLDOWN so I can control the app volume. So I decreased the app volume to about 20%.. So when I change channel, it always resets the system volume to 20%. I'd rather have to increase the volume, than rush to lower it...

    So on the MiiBox, it seems like the OS is intercepting the volume control buttons, and controlling the overall system volume, rather than allowing STBEmu to control the app volume. That I am not sure if STBEmu can fix. But the quirk of resetting the system volume to the app volume, that is strange. Anyhow, for now the workaround is fine. BUT, if your STBEmu volume is set to 0, then it will seem like the volume control does nothing, since stb emu is muted

    You can tell which volume you are changing, by observing the volume bar. For STBEmu, it is a thick volume bar that appears on the top left of your screen usually. The Android system volume is typically a thin volume slider in the top center.

    For the record, I am using modded version of v1.1.7 of STBEmu Pro posted by Mr Hanky
    I guess I'll try the non Pro version, or the older Pro version one of these days and see if it behaves the same.

    I was using Perfect Player with M3U in the past so didn't notice any issues. Only recently have I switched over to STBEmu. I was hoping to get it working as expected, so I can pull the trigger and just buy the pro version.

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