A Virginia man shot his girlfriend five times last week, after they argued whether Ford or Chevrolet makes the best vehicles. Mark Edwin Turner, 56, was arrested on April 23 in Bedford, Virginia after he barricaded himself into a house for more than two hours following the incident.

Turner was having a family dinner with his girlfriend, her adult son, and the sonís girlfriend, when he started arguing about which automaker was better. As the argument got more heated Ė fueled by what was reported as heavy drinking Ė Turner first pulled out a knife, and then produced a gun.

There was a scuffle, and Turner ended up stabbing his girlfriend. He then shot her five times, and shot her son once. Both suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries. Itís also reported that the sonís girlfriend was hit by bullets that ricocheted. Turner then locked himself into the house, where he walked around with the gun while officers tried to get him to come out.

He was eventually arrested, and his request for bond was denied by a judge. In addition to four charges already laid, including ďpossessing a firearm as a felon,Ē Turner may face additional charges.

Unfortunately, weíre not able to confirm if Turner is a Ford guy or a Chevy guy.