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Thread: IKS small dish

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    my place is a stacked town home. The dish would be on the rooftop terrace with deck. I can bring in the coaxial from thru the a/c line on the deck, which leads into a mechanical room. It is the issue from there, I have no clue where to go. In the main bedroom almost below, the box with all the cables is there. I only need to drop down to one floor and run the line about 15 feet, to reach the cable, internet etc in master bedroom. from there I can use the coaxial throughout the house, as I use it for nothing and feed the line to my TV. Ideally, I want it one more floor down, but I don't want to cut any holes, is this even possible? What is best to follow, the duct work or electrical outlets? My neighbour is a electrician from this site, he might be able to help.

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