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Thread: nana info (Moved)

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    Default nana info (Moved)

    will the nanfo pre imun still work for dn&bev sd on iks,ifso what is the lates fac file & bin file&how can i tell what version it is,thanks.panmanzaa????

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    Only one factory file posted so the one and only with that. Rule file wise use the last one out date wise and or version wise. In this case last and latest would be v1.12. There was some instances that an older version with some stb's would work better depending so one would have to go the trial and error route. Bird wise lowest to highest circular per support...77-DM, 91, 118.7. On what version is loaded most if not all stb's have a version info menu option. Just have to cruse the menu list to find it.

    Almost eight years so what did then may or may not now. Or may work as good, better or worse now.
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    Premium will not work ....doesnt has a HD module.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imsomebody View Post
    Premium will not work ....doesnt has a HD module.
    so it won't get 91?

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