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Thread: fixing SID-less request in the VS9000HD and other STB in a router, Linux and Windows.

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    Cool fixing SID-less request in the VS9000HD and other STB in a router, Linux and Windows.

    My neighbor the millwright said he was getting grief from the server guy because his box kept making SID-less request.

    In his setup he was using an Atheros router and Gooware version “xx-client_v2.5.57.273-linux-x86-atheros-broadcom”, the server said there was no SID request. To fix it he downgraded to version xx-client_v2.4.180.926-Linux_atheros. Found here:

    In the zip files you will find the executables xx-client_static and xx-client_shared. The files size and names did not look correct with the share one too small, the static one was more reasonable.

    So he renamed the static file xx-client-atheros and used winSCP to upload it to the current xxvs director in his router, he then changed the permission from 0644 to 0755. Then he ran the startup script with this command. “/xxvs/xx-client-atheros > dev/null 2>&1 &” no quotes. You can use /xxvs/xx-client-atheros but the first is better.

    He did not test the Broadcom yet so if you do and it works please reply to the thread to help others.

    The windows version 2.5 seems to pass SID’s to the server so no need to change that if using Windows. Lunix not tested.

    BTW files 2.4 do not support Nfusion , make sure to read the readme and receivers files in the zipped files.

    Do not forget to edit your xxclient and caid files to reflect your server(s).

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