EZ Box updates:

1.Added search function to all sections.

2.Optimized live TV stream loading process.

3.Added VPN function to the box.

4.Allow customers to uninstall the pre-installed APP.

5.Fixed a crash causing by duplicated channel numbers.

6.Optimized channel search function.

7.Optimized EPG function to allow customers to go to the channel directly and record the highlighted programs.

8.Now the IPTV APP can be shutdown properly.

9.Dual band WiFi (5GHz and 2.4GHz) supported.

10.Add CEC (consumer electronics control) function to the box.

11.EPG optimization.

12.Optimized the background application cleaning.

13.Add new function allowing customer to change background wallpaper.

14.Optimized VPN.

15.Fixed an bug, TV series are showing up in correct section.

16.Change the background wallpaper consistently showing in all sections.

17.Optimized the EPG interface and channel auto selection.