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Thread: Movie downloads

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    Quote Originally Posted by swan View Post
    are you looking for a good private torrent site ?
    sure.. pm me... thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mavrick View Post
    Anyone know of any good site for downloading movies, not streaming them but actually downloading? I was using Movistack but something changed with it and now it's screwed.

    Most of those movie sites trash your pc with adwares and other crap.You can find hundreds of these servers
    that dont bombard you with their adds some go undetected unless your looking for them.

    If you go to any of the free m3u sites or if you sub to an iptv service run urlhelper
    many iptv services expose their movie and tv sources.Now those free m3u sites
    that post those m3u`s they dont last and dont play right But many do expose their movie
    and tv show source and will continue to work even after the m3u has died.

    here are a few examples of movie and tv show servers some eng some spanish and italian

    Code: SPAN    

    if you stick with those movie sites go there do a right click
    hit inspect element and make a config or a loli file lol!

    btw click on the titles and a save box will come up download them to vlc
    there is a mac server and there are some other goodies there
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