New XR 4000 OTA Update sent Today:
Existing Boxed + New Boxes will get this update.

You can get this new update, by going to the Updates Icon on the Home Screen and Check for Update
Or just wait for the pop up MSG for a new update, as the box checks for updates every 2 hours.

FW Version 20191003 & Buzz 4 Version 4.0.365

FW Changes:
- Fixed stuck on check for updates on welcome screen
- Fixed Device Health Services Crash
- Optimized OS for better Bench Marks + Performance.

Buzz 4 Changes:
- Added New slide out category to VOD/TV Series Menus. Press the left arrow key at the start of any row to view this.
- Added Support for New Portal API's
- Added New background images to Home Screen + Channel List + Fixed some overlay icon issues on the Home Screen
- Updated Secondary Player to a newer version
- Fixed bugs that have been reported
- Fixed the PVR + Rocket Ship buttons on the Buzz ARQ 100 Remote