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    New to the site..Spending some time reading..Thanks..I was not sure where to post this but thought I would put it here..
    I/and my Wife have been a bikers for years but decided it was getting tough to handle them..After selling them a year ago I noticed one of these spyders and thought it would be interesting to try..I found an older model(2009) with se5 electronic shifting with your thumb..reasonable price..and have not had a single is rides like a fast snowmobile but with better road handling..It has traction control/anti lock brakes/EFI/reverse..Not a ride goes by that people don't come up and ask about these machines.. Just thought I would share..They are worth the ride..I have not had this much fun in years..I will get one next year for my Wife..They come with a fronk and mine has removable saddle bags..just thought I would post this for those like me that wanted the ride of a bike on a trike and were not sure..and yes 99% of the bikers still wave to me..enjoy the ride..thanks for the site..
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    I agree. I have a 2012 auto and my wife has a 2010 shift and we love them. I am sure you will get many years for fun out on them.

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