If the cable was a good one and shorter then 25 feet, and you only got 62% then the dish may have moved off an active satellite again, when the dish and LNB are aligned correctly you should have over 75 to 95 %+ on the signal,(this depends on the length of the coax and type) this is the signal sent down from the LNB through the coax to the receiver, not from the satellite, that is the quality signal indication.

You said your openbox only has 3 selections for the LNB type, "C" "User" and "Ku", mine does not have those settings, in mine the menu for satellite setup, it has the name of the satellite, the LNB frequency, the transponder settings and so-forth.

Have you tried the "Ku" selection?

Can you take a screen shot of your menu settings?

Also what type of coax did you use for the test?? Was it rated for satellite work?? It needs to be swept to 3 GHz or labeled 2.5 GHz, coax for TV or CATV will not work too good.