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Thread: remote issues

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    Default remote issues

    hey guys got remote problems one remote seems to have lost chan.& vol.button control for sat. it lights up the tv button when pressed all other buttons seem to second remote seems to be dirty you have push hard on buttons it says soak in water&soap do they mean the board too? thanks for any help. I went thur. all 9 pages of forum.

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    Pull the remote apart, use a pencil eraser on the back of the keypad to clean the small pads that contact the board. Use warm soapy water or isopropyl alcohol on the board to clean off any debris. Put remote back together and test, if you are still having issues as a last resort you can glue small pieces of tinfoil to the back of the keypad on the small pads that contact the board with super glue, if this does not work then it's time for a new remote.

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