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Thread: V30 remote probleme

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    Default V30 remote probleme

    i have a Haier tv 55 inch my remote whase not giving me the funcion to change chanel whit the numbers and the back chanel where not responding and the on and off button so i got a new one and it dose the same thing it looks like the tv hase the same code any one have a solution for this probleme it is verry frustating to have to open and shut this jynBok by the box insted by the remote

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    First thing pull the batteries out,unplug jynx for 30 sec. plug box back in put batteries back in, wait for setup and try for "menu".select channel, sometimes you have press hard. don't change too fast. the remote buttons get oily and have to be cleaned with have 2 so get out the butterknife and slide it down the side to pop the sides apart,clean and reassemble.everything should reset,

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