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Thread: mag424 on IPGUYS

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    Default mag424 on IPGUYS

    i have a mag424 STB that i cant get to work on IPGUYS server
    i keep getting the message ( Firmware of your STB is outdated Please update it )
    i checked the firmware it is up to date.
    i have two other severs that work perfect so can anyone explain why IPGUYS server
    wont work. i did contact the reseller all he keeps telling me is that it is on my end and
    i have to update my firmware well if it was the firmware why are the other 2 servers i have
    if anyone knows the reason why please let me know i was with IPGUYS for quite awhile on
    an older box and i really like their server better.

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    I had the same issue with a MAG420 for both OK2 and IPGuys. I narrowed the cause down the the middleware version of Ministra tat the vendor supports. You cannot use these newer MAG boxes with those providers; you must stay with the MAG25x or MAG322 or use a different box or STB on an Android box.

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