I have a couple panels and I have a Boomerang and had it working on OK2. I decided to try it on wickediptv and I changed the mac addy on the panel from my other buzz box to match up with the Boomerang. It keeps coming up sub expired and cant get rid of it. I tried using the mac from the Boomerang and put it on a buzz I have and worked no probs.
I have tried changing the mac addy, resetting it, factory default and I cant get this message of 'sub expired' off the screen. OK2 works perfectly so I cant understand why this box is saying that. Also, sat9182 also cloned the mac from my boomerang to one of his and it worked. I looked for somewhere to uninstall updates like you can on a buzz box and cant find it anywhere.

Any ideas on what to do so I can get this Boomerang connected to wickediptv?