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Thread: Beast closure

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    Quote Originally Posted by ifonlyihad1 View Post
    love the rumour section , each thread is like a free for all. Started ouot as a closure, and turned into a VPN thread. Just saying.

    Can i add my 2 cents?I knew the Beast was doomed from the get that guy posting here every half hour very annoying hung his own target on his back.I do remember the beastguy telling of problems with vod`s and the man.As there are still lot of members here whom tested back in the dayz many seemed to have given up.Alas there are thousands who do still test and you bet that 95% of the subs that you are paying for are being borrowed from a tester and many share those with the public.Dont shoot the messenger here im just telling you what i know.Yeah i say again your sub is being used.That is the reality of iptv so if your iptv is freezing at certain times you have a friend that wants to watch with you lol and who knows who it is?I wonder why though why only the beast, one and not the others?

    Oh VPN, testers know vpn`s too......
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    @highwayman trying to pm you but can not. please i need to ask you something. graciase

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