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Thread: Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff dead in prison......

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    Default Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff dead in prison......

    Bernie Madoff, the mastermind behind the worst financial scam in history, died in jail at age 82 on Wednesday, US prison officials said.

    Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison in 2009 for running a pyramid-style scheme that defrauded tens of thousands of people around the world.
    The scheme was estimated to be worth around $63 billion.

    "We can confirm Bernard Madoff passed away on April 14, 2021, at the Federal Medical Center (FMC) Butner, North Carolina," an official with the federal Bureau of Prisons told AFP in an email.

    In February 2020, Madoff's lawyer said the disgraced Wall Street financier was terminally ill and wanted to leave prison to die.
    Attorney Brandon Sample said Madoff was suffering from "terminal kidney disease, among other serious medical conditions."

    "The Bureau of Prisons concluded in September 2019 that Madoff has less than 18 months to live because of the terminal nature of his kidney failure," Sample wrote.

    The Washington Post reported then that Madoff needed a wheelchair and 24-hour care.

    He asked for compassionate release so he could mend fences with his grandchildren and die at home but the request was rejected by the prisons bureau.

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    I'm glad they didn't give this guy any compassion
    He didn't have any compassion for all those he screwed

    This guy was a very bad man , worse than a murderer

    A murderer would kill someone and that would be the end, worse is to take people from riches (whatever riches amount they had) to rags and have to live with the heartache of not only living in rags but knowing that their lives earnings (their blood sweat and tears) were enjoyed gluttonously by this madman -- he literally blew through BILLIONS

    He was the worst, speci-shiit humanity can produce

    rot in hell ,, MoFo ,, F.U.
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    yup , one less scumbag in the world . Rot in hell

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    I totally agree, He was scum
    But being a senior, I can't understand how someone would give all their savings.
    I saw stories about very elder seniors going back to work.
    There has to be a little bit of greed at play here.
    Again, being a senior, I couldn't see going back to work.
    Shame on some people.

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    Seniors are vulnerable because they often are easily deceived.There will always be lowlife that will exploit & extort from the vulnerable.

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