theres some good streams from the world at this site
many not so good.there are some familar
streams from well known iptv services
some tvheadend too.many of these will need the
loop button on vlc to play continously these are .ts streams and will stop
there are some that are true m3u`s and streams from macs that will play well.
you can download individul streams or the whole list in a m3u format.
if you run iptv tools the best method this is a good place to find new servers.

when you find a good stream download to notepad you can get the whole playlist instead of searching
for individual channels, use the hyperterminal address and username/passwords in the m3u format from the notepad
replace the info in the codeline

download it

again these streams dont always work but can lead you to others that do.

i use these sometimes with vlc but the best player out there is the sfvip player
it will do what those apps will not mirrorcasted to your smart tv is the way to go.