I hope this is the correct section:
I have a used Mag 322 and want to do an system update if possible.
I followed these steps:
Go to Settings ⇒System settings (or press Setup on RC).
Open Sofware update.
Set Update method = HTTP. (The URL reads: right now.

Click Verify (ОК on RC). If verification of connection to the server is successful, then you'll see information about the availability of new software versions.
Choose Update (F1) to start the update.
Wait for the update to finish. The status of updating is displayed by the progress bar and comments. STB will be rebooted automatically after update completing.

when I hit ok it takes me to the Software update screen:
Current version: 220
Description: 2.20.08r2-324
and no info in New version section

Is this version still valid or is there a new one I could use.
I think I may have to use a new URL to bring up a newer version if it's avail.

I'm a newbie and it's a used unit so I just want to know if I can update it or not.
Any info would be great. thks