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Thread: Boris T.

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    Default Boris T.

    Not sure this is worth mentioning.Way back 2008/9
    i had a ipro 1000 amt n.america when support was stopped i searched
    for a way to get it back up i knew that europe used ccam and newcamb
    i joined a Pakistani forum after seeing an add for a protek 9600 it looked the same as a
    ipro 1000 they had a coder on the forum Boris T. he had told me that they were the same motherboard
    and that the newcamb bin for the protek 9600 would work on the ipro 1000 later nfusion nova phoenix
    and the other one name escapes me.

    Rumors have it that Boris T. has passed away i cant confirm this yet it was also a rumor that Boris T.
    was the coder we knew here as Doctor T. maybe someone else could shed some light.

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    times have change so much its all internet now most all is free nowadays but i think TESTERS were best hope u get answer

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