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Thread: Ultra HDV14 (Clone I Assume)

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    Default Ultra HDV14 (Clone I Assume)

    Hello all. I posted here a couple weeks ago wondering about a 'Junxbox 2016' clone. Unfortunately the guy messaged me back saying that they are out of stock with these boxes.

    I have however source a 'Jynxbox V14' with JB200 module from a different source. I would assume it's a clone given that these boxes haven't been made for years. I do have the following questions:

    1) What is the stock software on this box and does it need to be upgraded?
    2) If this box is in fact a clone, Is there non clone kill software for this box if it needs upgraded?
    3) If this box has older software on it will that software still work and see channels on transponders on satellites that like to hang out in 'northern' skies?

    Thanks and much help appreciated.

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    Anything after V3 is deemed to be a clone.That being said, it should have the software required to for north & south pre-installed (if south matters).Try it as is.

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