finding tons of free stuff im running many different servers
on sfvip player with url helper this one has its vod on "index of vod2" these are mp4
so you can just click on them and they will play back these are without titles
they need to be caputured you can add them to a m3u list.

paste this link to your browser

paste this link to your browser to playback or just double click on the link on the web page

this is a live tv stream directly from the supplier no username/passwords
playback in vlc or add to a m3u

these have a token some will expire but some the tokens apply only to the servers host

one simple way to capture the links is just watch url helper once it captures the link
click the next button then repeat in sfvip player to get all the channels in the category
sometimes you can find much more than just iptv its interesting for sure