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Thread: vSeeBox, Tanggula X5 Pro, Superbox Elite Ultra ?

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    Default vSeeBox, Tanggula X5 Pro, Superbox Elite Ultra ?

    Anyone try any of these ? Are they worth the price ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyzursozay View Post
    Anyone try any of these ? Are they worth the price ?
    Here is what I will say about these box's, typically these box's have decent specs however they are usually running a cheap mobile Android version the extra 100-200 dollars is for "Lifetime" iptv but it has to be accessed by 2-3 different applications these applications are typically SKY or smarter rebrands, as long as you are okay with using 2-3 different applications to access the 2-3 different servers that is included and you get at least 2 years out of the box then meh its sort of worth it. If your asking me what i would do, probably go with a buzz box and just find a fairly affordable service and use that instead.
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