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Thread: belly fat

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeSat_FTA View Post
    Exercise for the belly. And the whole body.

    You will have to cut fat intake and do exercises.

    Stomach exercises will help and I can think of one that is great but it requires a partner.

    Cut calories as well but not too much. If you remove too many calories, your body will go after the muscle instead of the fat.
    this is bang on. low fat diet and try to get 4 to 5 small healthy meals per day. this will speed things up on the inside and actually help burn fat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCO View Post
    lots of sex works for me...
    Quote Originally Posted by JCO View Post
    Back to topic then, drinking lots of water ,long brisk walks, eating low and no fat diets, lots of veggies, beans and fruits .. And last but not least SEX.. LOL
    Only if you’re a top. If you like the cowgirl style then you won't lose any weight but you’re sure to have a lot of fun. ROFLMAO

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    Hi buddy.If you want to the burn of the bally fat.Then you should be changed
    your diet habits.Fast food increasing fat in your body.So we should
    be avoid the fast foods and starting the gym work.Then you
    can get positive results.

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    a speed bag will work well all that weaving back and forth and hitting the bag will work

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    you can lose belly fat by doing brisk walking and cut down your daily calories level. The amount of meal you consume and your daily diet schedule.
    Also you should have use some waist trainer for belly fat.
    Waist Trainer for lower belly fat.

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