Ok so I have at least one customer a day ask me which is the best.
And I've done a lot of work on some models so those are not my favorite.
Like the FRIGIDAIRE, GE, Maytag, LG, and ASKO/BOSCH.

These front loaders have not been too good in my eyes.
The LG and ASKO/BOSCH are just too pricy for nothing.
And the Maytag, Frigidaire, and GE have had a hard time getting up to par when it comes to having a washer that will last most than 5 years.

I know that many washers out there have a nice "look" to them.
But that is the last thing you want to think about when choosing a washer.
Although most brands have started looking nice and sleek.
The GE and LG have tried to go beyond that and have gone too far.
Making a washer that is a nightmare to work on!

Now when it comes to the whirlpool.
It has been working great.
Has had it's problems like all the rest.
But the problems have been taken care of.
And now it's the best on the market.(In my eyes)

They will cost more than the Frigidaire and GE and maybe even more than the Maytag but that is because these brands are made cheaper and that's why the price is less.

When it comes to choosing which washer is for you there are a few different things to think about.

Which High efficiency washer is for you?
And is your dryer going to be big enough to take the loads of the new bigger washer?

Now the reason I say to go with a whirlpool front load is because their design is the best.
They have the strongest motor.
They have 4 shocks instead of only 2.
They have been tested for many years before coming out.
They are built in Germany which is none to have the best washers!

Out of all the models for the front load washers.

This one is the most common because it is not the top model but has all the features you need. It has a 4.0 cubic foot capacity.

The model is: WFW9400SW

And all the info can be found here.


There is now also a new model which is a 4.4 cubic foot model.
It's the Model number: WFW9450WW
This model is built the same way as the 9400 model but a bigger machine.
Here is the info for that model.

Now if you have the money for it and want the steam washer.
Although I don't really now much about these washers yet since they are new. And from what I hear steam washers aren't as important because regular front load washer wash great.

The model number for the steam washer is: WFW9500TW

And the info can be found here.


Now these are the two most common front load washers to be sold by whirlpool.

You can also get these as the KENMORE but you have to make sure it's the HE1-2-3-4-5 models.

Those are the whirlpool built.
But I have seen KENMORE sometimes put cheaper parts in there washers.
And this is why the price can be lower.

Another washer that has started making me forget about front load washers is the new Whirlpool Cabrio washer.

This washer is a top load High Efficiency washer.

The model numbers are.

WTW6300SW or WTW6500SW or WTW6800SW

And info can be found here.

For the 6300 model you have to go to the american site.
For the 6500 go to the link below.
And here for the 6800 model..

The cabrio washer is a 5.0 cubic foot capacity washer.
Which makes it bigger than the front load washers.
The 6300 model has a 4.7 Cubic foot capacity, still bigger than the front loads and can also handle a queen size comforter.

Conventional washers use 35 to 38 gallons of water per wash.
The front loads use 14 to 17 gallons depending on the washer.
And these new Cabrio washers use 17 to 19 gallons.
So it does not use much more water.
And still uses much less energy.

The reason I prefer the cabrio washer is because it does not have the same moving parts that the front load washers have.

There is only one motor that is attached to the wash plate and the drum.

And two pumps to circulate the water.

So compared to the front loads that have.
The shocks. The springs. The belt. The bearing that takes all the weight from the basket. The front door seal that will tear due to vibration. The cost of repairs in the future due to the washer being hard to work on!

So in my eyes I would say to go look at the Cabrio washer.
This is from the technicians stand point.. I personally will never buy a front load washer.

But if you really want a front load go with the 9400 or 9450 model.
The steam washers are not really needed.. Steam dryers help with not having to iron most clothes.

Now I'm not saying it's not ok to buy another brand.
Everyone has their preferences and sometimes are looking for a certain style.
And every tech sees different things on the field..

But the whirlpools have been the ones that I work on the least out of all the brands.