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    Default new server ""

    can some body explain to me about the new server posted in the NFPS anouncements " sat 124.9"
    is it for all nfps clients or just those with the information assigned to them as their donation? can we all point a dish and use that setting?
    thank you

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    124.9 (or 125W) has the Claro TV channels on it and is mostly for the Caribbean area, see the footprint link below, click on the "Caribbean" beam to see if you in the coverage area for those channels. The 50 states beam is for the PBS channels, thos are free to all.

    Link to the footprint:
    125W (124.9) is a linear satellite and requires a linear LNB and at least a 33" dish.

    And I know nothing about the IKS server stuff for this satellite.
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