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  1. British Pilot Dies After Saving Passengers' Lives in Caribbean
  2. Possible Expedition to Titanic Shipwreck Planned for 2010
  3. British Couple Hijacked by Somali Pirates
  4. San Francisco's Bay Bridge closed indefinitely due to fallen debris
  5. Car Bomb at Pakistan Market Kills at Least 86
  6. Wayward Northwest Pilots Lose Licenses
  7. Bay Bridge closure threatens to snarl traffic at least one more day
  8. FBI Agents Kill Imam in Michigan Raid
  9. British Navy Finds Empty Yacht of Couple Allegedly Nabbed by Pirates
  10. Navy Jet With Two Crew Members Missing Off Texas
  11. Son of Radical Islam Leader Killed in FBI Shootout Caught in Canada
  12. Coast Guard Plane, Military Chopper Collide Off Calif. Coast; 9 Missing
  13. Navy ship accidentally fires on Polish port
  14. Coast Guard probes fuel spill in San Francisco Bay
  15. Madoff to SEC watchdog: Agency held me in awe
  16. Take more extremists to court: RCMP boss
  17. Amazon tribe finds jet crash survivors
  18. Pirates demand $7 million for yacht couple, Britain says
  19. No Sign of Victims in Midair Collision Search
  20. Search ends for missing after midair collision
  21. First American Man Since 1982 Wins New York City Marathon
  22. Karzai declared elected president of Afghanistan
  23. Ship built with 9/11 steel comes to New York
  24. Bay Bridge reopens after nearly 6-day closure
  25. Contaminated Beef May Be Linked to 2 Deaths
  26. Bug spray eyed in death of 10-month-old boy
  27. Pirates Prepare for Battle Over British Couple
  28. Lloyds, RBS agree to massive shake-up
  29. Afghan leader Karzai vows inclusive government
  30. Q+A: What are the stakes in the U.S.-China yuan tussle?
  31. Virginia, New Jersey races may test Obama influence
  32. U.S. executive pensions rose in '08 even as stocks fell
  33. 3 Missing College Softball Players Found Dead in Their Vehicle
  34. Texas Woman Sues Facebook for Privacy Violations
  35. Israel seizes ship, says Iran weapons aboard
  36. Obama plays China card, but who holds the ace?
  37. China seen as key U.S. relationship, also a foe: poll
  38. Disney takes China stride as Shanghai park gets nod
  39. Fed sees rates near zero for extended period
  40. Democrats get warning shot for 2010 elections
  41. Chrysler pitches turnaround plan
  42. Italy convicts former CIA agents in rendition trial
  43. Former HP Chief Fiorina running for Senate
  44. A third of Americans die in hospitals, study finds
  45. Sparring over evidence at Wall Streeters trial
  46. Insider trading probe ensnares 14 more
  47. Flu shots for Wall Street stirs ire in New York
  48. Pakistani forces enter major Taliban base
  49. Zimbabwe proposes local ownership of foreign firms
  50. Some Muslims fear backlash after Fort Hood shooting
  51. House set to open healthcare debate
  52. Wall St. trial summations hone in on "toast" email
  53. Obama makes pitch for House healthcare votes
  54. Obamas to attend Fort Hood memorial Tuesday
  55. Iran says over 100 people detained at anti-U.S. rally
  56. British man provides photo for his own wanted poster
  57. China hopes U.S. keeps deficit to appropriate size
  58. Pakistan's nuclear weapons are safe, for now
  59. Thousands of Japanese protest U.S. base plan
  60. NYC Man Falls 5 Stories After Trying to Escape Disabled Elevator
  61. More troops needed for Afghanistan: U.S. General Casey
  62. House backs anti-abortion amendment
  63. Berlin marks ‘day of all days’ when wall fell
  64. Iran to charge 3 American hikers with espionage, says prosecutor
  65. Supreme Court considers life in prison for juveniles
  66. Google buys mobile ad firm for $750 million
  67. Canadian teen rescued on Arctic ice
  68. S. Korean, N. Korean Navies Exchange Fire
  69. Video: Woman falls in front of train?!?
  70. Two Koreas in brief naval clash, vessels hit
  71. Dodd set to unveil financial reform bill
  72. Fort Hood suspect contacted Islamist
  73. Lazard may get more than one leader
  74. Fort Hood probe spotlights Web-savvy preacher
  75. Obama war council weighs Afghan troop boost
  76. Motorola eyes $4.5 billion home/networks unit sale
  77. Brazil blackout a glitch, but shows investment need
  78. Abbas resists U.S. pressure to resume peace talks
  79. Clinton says Korea naval fight won't deter U.S. envoy visit
  80. 'Balloon boy' parents to plead guilty
  81. Woman Attacked by Chimp Reveals Face on 'Oprah'
  82. Facebook message frees NYC robbery suspect
  83. Swine flu has sickened 22 million in the U.S.
  84. Fort Hood shooting suspect charged with murder
  85. Walmart set for "extremely competitive" holiday
  86. FBI says Florida fraud scheme could top $1 billion
  87. Warren Buffett: The financial panic is over
  88. Former bankers look to buy failing banks
  89. SEC expects to proceed with Bear Stearns case
  90. Florida Teen Attacked by Shark Among Crowd of Surfers
  91. Five 9/11 Suspects to Face Trial in New York
  92. Obama pledges greater U.S. engagement in Asia
  93. First U.S. marijuana cafe opens in Portland
  94. With Playboy sale, an icon bows to changing times
  95. Farmers scramble to finish harvest from hell
  96. U.S. arrests and charges two Madoff programmers
  97. Ex-lawmaker gets 13 years in prison for bribery
  98. 9/11 suspects to be tried in New York
  99. Madoff's personal items sold off to aid victims
  100. China-U.S. spar over currencies ahead of Obama visit
  101. Suicide bomber kills 10 in Pakistan's Peshawar
  102. Colombia moves to calm tensions with Venezuela
  103. Gitmo detainees headed to Illinois?
  104. Citi to sell Bellsystem stake to Bain for $1 billion
  105. Sony CEO sees no electronics rebound
  106. Hillary Clinton is open to coffee with Sarah Palin
  107. Rally held in Edmonton to demand Omar Khadr be sent back to Canada
  108. Obama says Washington not trying to contain China
  109. GM to start repaying $6.7 billion U.S. government loan
  110. Obama presses Iran on atomic deal, Tehran defiant
  111. Woman Bitten By Shark Unsure If She'll Surf Again
  112. Anti-Castro money shifts to Democrats
  113. Japan's trade minister apologizes for leaking GDP
  114. Clinton wants tangible Afghan progress from Karzai
  115. Families urge Iran to release U.S. hikers
  116. VIDEO: Alleged Animal Abuse at Pig Farm (Warning: Graphic)
  117. GM posts loss, vows to repay U.S. debt early
  118. Secrecy raises fears of more Iran atom sites
  119. Fed proposes crackdown on excessive gift card fees
  120. Pay czar flexible if talent flight
  121. Home Depot quarterly profit tops estimates
  122. Lehman sues Barclays over windfall profits
  123. Pirates hijack tanker off Somali coast
  124. Hunger in U.S. at a 14-year high
  125. French Women Technically Not Permitted to Wear Pants, Report Finds
  126. Hospital Backs Scientist Revealed to Be Sex Blogger
  127. British Soldier Dies in Afghanistan, Was 'Still Waiting' for New Armor
  128. Earthquake reported off Canada
  129. UBS targets return to profit, says will take time
  130. Microsoft co-founder Allen diagnosed with cancer
  131. "Unfriend" named word of 2009
  132. Obama meets Wen as China visit winds down
  133. Soldiers' mutiny raises concern in Israel
  134. New Zealand tops Denmark as world's least corrupt nation
  135. U.S. ship thwarts second pirate attack
  136. Obama prods China on yuan but Hu silent on issue
  137. China, U.S. eye pact to help troubled banks
  138. NATO chief confident of big troop increase
  139. Father of Dead British Soldier Slams New Army Report
  140. British Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
  141. French Police Say They Thwarted a Boy, 13, Planning to 'Kill All His Teachers'
  142. U.K. Rabbi Allegedly Supplies Prostitutes Drugs in Exchange for 'Sexual Favors'
  143. Reid unveils broad U.S. Senate healthcare plan
  144. Hedge fund "king" Griffin rebounding from losses
  145. U.S. government liable for some Katrina damage: judge
  146. U.S. Flights Delayed, Canceled Because of FAA Computer Glitch
  147. FAA: System back up after causing flight delays
  148. 19 Killed in Pakistan Courthouse Bomb Attack
  149. British Woman Tracks Down Attacker on Facebook
  150. Lions Get Through Trap Door, Kill Rare White Tiger at Czech Zoo
  151. U.K. Atheist Bus Ads Expand to Billboards
  152. Plane Overshoots Runway in Congo, Lands in Lava
  153. Geithner, under fire, defends AIG bailout
  154. AOL to cut one-third of workforce
  155. Wall Street tax must be international
  156. Dell results miss expectations, shares drop
  157. White House says Geithner saved U.S. economy
  158. Newsman Lou Dobbs mulls run for White House, Senate
  159. Microsoft says Windows 7 sales strong
  160. Texas Executes Man for His Part in Fatal Store Holdup
  161. Arizona Couple Indicted in Airport Luggage Thefts
  162. Minnesota Man Indicted in Missing Somalis Case
  163. Customs Agents Seize 316,000 Bongs Disguised as Christmas Ornaments
  164. Man Charged With Murder in North Carolina Missing Girl Case
  165. Senate nears first healthcare vote
  166. Dell bets on corporate spending for recovery
  167. Lashkar-e-Taiba threat revived after Chicago arrest
  168. Yemen: Somali Pirates Hijack Panamanian Cargo Ship
  169. Italy Museum to Display Fingers, Tooth Believed to Be Galileo's
  170. U.N. Committee Targets Iran's Rights Violations
  171. Russia's Gorbachev Considers Political Comeback
  172. Moderate Democrat boosts Senate health bill
  173. News Corp reported interested in MGM
  174. Obama job approval rating drops under 50 percent
  175. Spanish Crew Return Home After Pirates Hijacked Ship
  176. "Yard sale"
  177. German Auction House Pulls Painting Owned by Nazis
  178. Did U.S. make mistake in skipping vaccine additive?
  179. Swine flu may be peaking in U.S.
  180. Iran to Hold War Games to Protect Nuclear Sites
  181. Famed 101-Year-Old Brazilian Architect Back to Work After Surgery
  182. Chavez Defends Alleged Terrorist Carlos the Jackal
  183. Powers urge Iran to reconsider nuclear offer
  184. France knew Hitler was "not an idiot
  185. Ohio Police Say Bank Robbery Suspect May Have Eaten Evidence
  186. Ex-Air Force Nurse Found Not Guilty of Killing 3 Patients
  187. 5 Calif. High School Students Arrested for Alleged Groping
  188. Husband Eyed in Massachusetts Mom's Island Hanging Death, Probe Reopened
  189. RCMP officer helps deliver neighbour's baby in B.C.
  190. Translated text of note on Facebook page of Janine Krieber
  191. Healthcare bill passes first Senate test
  192. Hershey mulls $17 billion solo bid for Cadbury
  193. Obama asks for patience on economy
  194. Growth, valuation to keep Europe share rally alive
  195. Iran to hold war games to protect nuclear facilities
  196. China mine explosion death toll reaches 87
  197. Egypt: Israel Needs to Stop Building Settlements in Jerusalem
  198. Officials: Pakistani Troops Kill 40 Militants Near Afghan Border
  199. Iran Begins Large-Scale War Games
  200. Alleged Iraq Bombers in Government Attacks Offer Confessions
  201. Bomb Kills 5 Afghan Border Security Guards
  202. 2 Bombs in India Kill 7, Wound More Than 50
  203. U.S. dollar no longer a one-way bet
  204. "Black Friday" deals may not signal retail comeback
  205. Smallest U.S. businesses borrowing again
  206. Sunni Minority Walk Out as Iraqi Lawmakers Amend Election Law
  207. Pakistani Army Kills At Least 18 Islamic Militants in Intense Fighting
  208. Attack on Election Convoy Kills 21 Filipinos
  209. Home sales at 2-1/2 year high
  210. Twitter's Biz Stone says could go IPO route
  211. Israel-Hamas prisoner swap deal near
  212. Cutting holiday tips seen as chance to really say thank you
  213. Rich to shop early, may skew Black Friday sales
  214. Employees in recession are eyeing your top secrets
  215. Fed asks U.S. banks to submit TARP repayment plans
  216. Man was awake during 23-year 'coma'
  217. U.S. Q3 economic growth revised down, house prices up
  218. Rajaratnam gives detailed denial of insider charges
  219. Fed asks U.S. banks to submit TARP repayment plans
  220. Mexico City Lawmaker Proposes Gay Marriage
  221. 2 IRA Dissidents Charged With Attempting to Kill Police Officer
  222. China Executes Two Over Role in Tainted Milk Scandal
  223. A Romp Around the Clock Stops Time in Sydney
  224. Italy Police Nab Mafia Boss Who Faked Paralysis, Been on The Run
  225. Pirates Attack Oil Tanker Off Africa's West Coast
  226. Aware of policy risks, Fed sees firmer growth
  227. U.S. third-quarter economic growth revised down
  228. Rajaratnam denies insider charges, blasts wiretaps
  229. Woman loses benefits over Facebook photos
  230. Missing boy spent 11 days wandering New York subways
  231. AIG board OKs CEO pay, as Benmosche agrees to stay
  232. Iran's Leader Visits Venezuela
  233. Aware of policy risks, Fed sees firmer growth
  234. South America Floods Kill 12, Force Thousands to Evacuate
  235. Obama says will "finish the job" in Afghanistan
  236. New York rally planned to protest 9/11 trial
  237. Obama seeks to reassure Singh on U.S.-India ties
  238. Mexican Police Arrest Thief on Toilet
  239. U.K. Religious Studies Teacher Seduced Student, 15, on Facebook
  240. Pakistan Charges 7 Suspects in Mumbai Attacks
  241. ElBaradei says West won't meet Iran atom demand
  242. Obama's agenda runs into economic angst in Congress
  243. Obama offers U.S. climate cut
  244. Fed to tell moviegoers how to use credit cards
  245. Couple crashes Obama's state dinner
  246. Man Stuck Upside-Down in Utah Cave Dies
  247. U.S. shoppers hit Black Friday sales with pared budgets
  248. Republicans see Arkansas senate seat as big target
  249. Murdoch son sells News Corp stock to buy broadcaster
  250. Videogames find ways to help real CSI solve crimes